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 Performing List by the Traditional Chinese Orchestra of  Wen Lan High School



Overture of Celebration-Chinese Folk Orchestra Emsembles 7

  The music piece depicts happy atmosphere with a lively rhythm and graceful melody.

2、管弦乐合奏《瑶族舞曲》 624


Dance of the Yao People Chinese Folk Orchestra Ensemble624

Yao Minority lives in the southwest of China. Singing and dancing are perfect hobbies for this minority. This piece of music is a vivid portrayal of people celebrating their festivals in their village, expressing their love for life.

3、笛子齐奏《扬鞭催马运粮忙》 358


Easygoing Carriage by Bamboo Flute and Chinese Orchestra 3’58’

The bamboo flute piece with vivid and simple language depicts the scene of the farmers driving carts loaded with food after harvest and merrily delivering.



Song of Fishermen played by Liuqin and Chinese Orchestra 520

  The music piece is glutted with China southern style, where is near the Yangzi River. It is filled with poetic grace,gentle and soft.

5、二胡协奏《葡萄熟了》 503


The Season of Grape Harvest played by ErHu and Chinese Orchestra503

It is an Erhu concerto with music style of the minority nationality living in Xin Jiang, China. It vividly demonstrates Xinjiang people singing and dancing along with melody for the harvest of ripe grapes.



A Dream in Red Mansions Overture played by Chinese Orchestra354

A Dream in Red Mansions Overture, selected from the well-known TV drama program "A Dream in Red Mansions", which is also a classic in China, has a delicate and graceful tune.



The Song of Shepherd Played by the traditional instruments orchestra    315

  The graceful melody is the theme song of the movie Shaolin Temple ,which was acted by Jet Li in the 1980s.




My Girl in the Far Place   played by the traditional instruments Orchestra 933

  The music is made up of several famous Chinas minority folk songs and sounds graceful and melodious. It tells us how a young man lingered on the thought of his loved girl.

9、《渔舟唱晚》 筝独奏441


Evening Song of the Homebound Fishermen played by Guzheng Solo441

It is a well-known traditional Chinese song. The title, "Homebound Fishermen", was taken from the well-known poet Wang Bo (649-676) at the word: At sunset, the fishermen can be heard singing the evening songs, their voices drifting as far as the banks of the Poyang Lake. The song vividly demonstrates scenes of the ancient south of the Yangzi River water in the evening sunset view, the fishing boats are homing. The music depicts an artistic conception which is pure and fresh, chic and far-reaching.



Charming Water-Splashing Festival played by Sheng 330

Charming Water-Splashing Festival describes the happy mood while people living in Yunnan Province, China, celebrate their festival. The music has the typical characteristics of Dai Minority.

11、弦乐合奏《赛马》   317


Horse Racing String Ensemble 317

This piece has a rich flavor of Mongolia tradition. It plays with a quick and enthusiastic tempo in an attempt to picture horses racing on grasslands.



A rose for me Played by PiPa and Orchestra 210

Its adapted from a Xinjiang folk song. It describes the happy mood through the enthusiastic rhythm and flexible dancing tempo.



Beating the Dates out of the Tree played by Suona and Chinese Orchestra342

With lively and Scheherazade music, it vividly demonstrates a happy scene of three generations while beating the dates out of the tree.



Jasmine Woodwind Ensemble by Chinese Orchestra 308

  It is a piece of folk music from Jiangsu Province, China. The tune is graceful and fantastic. It reaches every corner of China and even goes abroad.

15、美国乐曲《切分音的闹钟》 303



American music the Little Naughty Alarm Clock 303& Auld Lang Syne

Auld lang syne is arranged by the theme song of the famous movie Waterloo Bridge.311

16、吹打乐《龙腾虎跃》  601


Dragons Rising and Tigers Leaping Drum and Brass Ensemble 601

  This piece is a typical Chinese music, especially popular in the east of Zhejiang Province. It describes the happy mood while people work hard to make a better life.

17、管弦乐合奏《彩云追月》 442


Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon played by Chinese Orchestra442

It has the strong characteristics of Guangdong folk music, which is one genre of the rich and colorful national music of China.



Flowering in Moon Light Woodwind Ensemble by Chinese Orchestra340

The whole song is in the warm introduction begun with the Allegro. It depicts scenes of people enjoying dancing around the flowers in the moonlight by means of soft, light, and lively music.